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Influence of aerobic lt intensive training on obese female college students.

This paper adopts literature, experiment, and mathematical statistics, and conducts aerobic Lactate threshold (LT) intensive training for 30 cases of obese female college students without sports training history, medical history, or sports contraindications. For the high obesity rate of female college students, this paper aims to explore secure and effective weight loss plan for this group based on experimental research. After 15 weeks aerobic LT intensive training, the results are as follows:

  1. The body composition of the obese female college students tends to be normal, which means the goal of weight loss is fulfilled (P<0.05).
  2. The function index in the oxygen transport system of obese female college students is significantly improved, as well as respiratory and circulatory function (P<0.05).
  3. The blood sugar, blood fat, and serum insulin level of obese female college students are significantly improved and tend to be normal (P<0.05).

The exercise load method can decompose the fat of obese female college students and increase Lean body mass (LBM), making body composition gradually to a normal level.

Author(s): Liye Zheng
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