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Influence and injury of stop jump shot of basketball players based on kinematic fatigue

In order to study the effect of basketball athletes on the action of fast stop jump after fatigue, the dynamic characteristics of lower limbs during the rapid stop jump shot under fatigue were discussed by means of experimental analysis in this paper. 12 basketball professional athletes in a sports institute were selected. Fatigue test was conducted with continuous running and jump. A special motion capture and mechanical three-dimensional tester was used to collect the kinetic data of the subjects. The results show that the indexes of the athletes in the take-off stage, the flying stage and the landing stage have significant differences before and after fatigue. After the fatigue of the athletes, the ankle augmentation rate decreases, so the dynamics characteristics weaken. Because of the great internal and external shock of the ankle joint before landing, the risk of injury is relatively large. After fatigue, it is suggested that the basketball players reduce the knee joint torque and the lower limb gravity, which may reduce the risk of injury.

Author(s): Li Hongyi, Che Xinrui
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