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Individualized nursing care on coincidence rate of cerebral hemorrhage hypostatic pneumonia

Objective: Analyze the effect of individualized nursing care on hypostatic pneumonia concurrent with cerebral hemorrhage.

Methods: Randomly divide 4200 cases of cerebral hemorrhage patients treated in different hospitals during January 2013 and January 2016, with patients with routine nursing care for control group and patients with individualized nursing care for observation group, and make effective analysis of occurrence rate of cerebral hemorrhage hypostatic pneumonia of the two groups.

Results: Observation group patients’ probability of concurrent hypostatic pneumonia is far lower than that of the control group, after comparison, P<0.05, the difference is significant, with statistical significance.

Conclusion: Personalized nursing care of cerebral hemorrhage patients can effectively reduce incidence of cerebral hemorrhage concurrent with hypostatic pneumonia, which is conducive to physical rehabilitation of patients and means significant implications in clinical practice.

Author(s): Fanghui Jiang, Sang Zheng, Lei Li
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