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In vitro study of nutritional and antioxidant properties of methanol extract of Nauclea latifolia root bark.

The study investigated some nutritional and anti-oxidant properties of methanol extract of Nauclea latifolia root bark. The nutritional and antioxidant study of the extract were carried using standard analytical procedures. Phytochemical analysis showed that the extract contains high amount of protein, saponin, total phenolics and carbohydrate with very low amount of cyanide and tannins. Vitamins C and E were found in high amounts while vitamin A was present in moderate concentrations. The extract also possesses moderate levels of zinc, copper and manganese, however, low levels iron, nickel and selenium were detected. The extract showed no significant difference (P>0.05) when compared with the standards in the dose-dependent DPPH radical scavenging capacity, inhibition of lipid peroxidation ability, hydroxyl radical (OH) scavenging potential. There was a significant difference (P<0.05) between superoxide anion (O2-) scavenging capacity of the extract and ascorbic acid. The extract (500 µg/ml) had the highest nitric oxide radical (NO) scavenging capacity when compared to 250 µg/ml ascorbic acid standard. High contents of vitamins C and E, phenolics compounds and moderate concentrations of trace elements like selenium might account for the good antioxidant properties exhibited by the methanol extract of Naulea latifolia root bark. The results indicate that the extract possesses high levels of antioxidant compound that could be responsible for its high antioxidant activity, thus the extract could effectively mop up free radicals and prevents its associated complications if consumed in right quantity.

Author(s): Ogugua Victor Nwadiogbu, Njoku OU, Egba Simeon Ikechukw, Robert Ikechukw Uroko, Ignatius Glory
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