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In vitro cytotoxicity of Tanacetum vulgare mediated silver nanoparticles against breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines

Purpose: The present investigation describes the biosynthesis of Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) using Tanacetum vulgare leaf extract by an environmental-friendly method. Also, the in-vitro cytotoxicity of synthesized AgNPs towards the human breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines.

Methods: Ag NPs were prepared from AgNO3 using Tanacetum vulgare leaf extract polyphenols as reducing and capping agent. Further, the prepared AgNPs were studied by using characterization techniques such as XRD, FT-IR, UV-Vis and TEM. Additionally, the synthesized AgNPs were studied for their cytotoxicity against MCF-7 by an MTT assay.

Results: The synthesized AgNPs were characterized by using various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. FT-IR, UV-vis, TEM, XRD and EDS analysis confirmed the formation of AgNPs. HRTEM microscopic images revealed that the formed AgNPs are spherical, small and polydispersed in nature with an average size of 10 nm. Further, the in-vitro cytotoxicity of Tanacetum vulgare mediated AgNPs showed a dose dependent toxicity towards breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines.

Conclusions: A low-cost and facile green approach for the AgNPs synthesis by using Tanacetum vulgare extract is reported. Tanacetum vulgare extract induced AgNPs have exhibited dose dependant cytotoxic activity against MCF-7 cell lines.

Author(s): Qipeng Liu, Hua Jiang
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