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Importance of p53, bcl-2, p21WAF1 and PCNA positivities in renal angiomyolipomas

Angiomyolipomas are tumors of the kidneys which are often benign in character with a potential for malignant transformation. The benign-malign distinction in these tumors can be made only with clinical follow-up as they exhibit the same microscopic appearance. In the present study, immunohistochemical investigation has been performed for p53, p21WAF1, PCNA and bcl-2, which may be markers for the histological distinction of benign and malignant cases. The p53, p21WAF1, PCNA and bcl-2 investigations in 10 tumor tissues with AML revealed significantly higher p53 positivity in 3 patients. The clinical follow-up of these three patients showed malignant progression. In conclusion, we believe that p53 positivity may be an appropriate marker for the benign-malign distinction in AML tumors.

Author(s): Metin Budak, Omer Yalcin, Ufuk Usta, Burcu Tokuc
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