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Impact of traditional vestibular stimulation on depression, anxiety and stress in college students.

The present study was undertaken to provide evidence for positive impact of vestibular stimulation on depression, anxiety, and stress among college students. 240 Healthy college students of the age group of 18-24 of either sex were included in the study after obtaining free, written, voluntary informed consent. Vestibular stimulation was achieved by swinging on a swing (Back to front direction). The DASS is a 42- item questionnaire was used to assess depression, anxiety and stress. Depression, anxiety and stress scores were significantly (P<0.001) and similarly reduced in both males and female students following vestibular stimulation. Our study provides evidence for the beneficial effect of vestibular stimulation in management of depression, anxiety and stress among college students. Hence palliative approaches such as vestibular stimulation should be recommend for stress management among students in educational institutes.

Author(s): Kumar Sai Sailesh, Archana R, Mukkadan JK
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