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Impact of strengthening clinical management and intervention on prognosis and compliance among patients with heart failure

This study aimed to investigate the impact of strengthening clinical management and intervention on prognosis and treatment compliance among patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF). From June 2011 to July 2013, a total of 397 patients with CHF who had been admitted to the Center of Heart Diseases, First Agricultural Construction Division Hospital of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and met the diagnostic criteria were randomly divided into 2 groups according to the time of admission and personal preferences: the management-strengthening group (group R, 221 cases) and routine group (group S, 176 cases). All patients were subjected to a standard CHF treatment protocol; group S additionally received Heart Failure (HF) education, outpatient follow-up, and telephonic followup to strengthen the management and intervention. The results of the 2 groups were compared after 12 months. Compared with group R, the mortality and rehospitalization rates of group S were significantly lower, whereas the drug usage and optimal treatment rates were significantly higher; in addition, HFrelated indicators were significantly improved, and costs were significantly reduced (P<0.05). Strengthening clinical management and intervention could significantly decrease rehospitalization and mortality rates, improve prognosis and quality of life, and conserve medical resources.

Author(s): Mai Chen, Li Xue, Chunxi Cha, Jingxing Liang, Pengchao Ma
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