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Impact of neurobehavioral disorders on quality of life in idiopathic parkinsonâ??s disease without dementia.

Background: Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a multifactorial neurodegenerative pathology, characterized by motor symptoms (tremor, bradykinesia, rigidity and postural instability) and non-motor symptoms (depression, anxiety, apathy, sleep disturbances, dysautanomic symptoms, among others) that affect the worsening of the Quality of Life (QOL) of people with this diagnosis. Objective: identify the impact of neurobehavioral alterations in QOL on idiopathic PD without dementia. Methods: 61 references, 40 research articles, 2 systematic reviews, and 17 review articles were used in the preparation of this study. The literature search was performed in the Pubmed and Scopus databases. Results: Neurobehavioral disorders such as depression (with a prevalence of 50%) were found to impact on QOL impairment, neurocognitive functioning (attention, memory, executive functions), and impairment in the basic, instrumental and advanced Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Anxiety is another disorder (with a prevalence of more than 40%) that impacts on QOL, especially in motor fluctuations, ADL, working memory and inhibition tasks, followed by apathy that usually occurs in advanced stages of the disease (prevalence of more than 48%) and affects several domains of QOL. Conclusion: It is necessary to intervene neurobehavioral alterations in earlier phases of the disease, with the aim of generating treatments that gets a better QOL.

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Hurtado-Gonz?lez, Sebastian Ospina-Otalvaro, Juan David S?nchez-Tob?n, Carlos ST Marmolejo-Escobar, Juan Pablo J?come,Luis Florez-Fandi?o,Pablo Miguel Arango,Lina Arango,Mar?a Ximena Bustamante, Carolina Prado, Diana Vivas Alzate,Juan Sebasti?n CifuentesMarmolejo,Juan Jos? Garc?a-Borrero, Ausberto Rinco, David Quedradas, Paola Lenis, Seminec, Cinepsis, Ramiro Gasca, Cesar Rotawisky, Manuel Canas Lucendo, Karen Julieth Quebrada-Mera, Microambiente Libre
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