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Impact of health education program on diabetic control among diabetic patient managed at diabetic and endocrine center in Bisha, Saudi Arabia

Objective: To assess the impact of diabetic health education on glycemic control for diabetic patients in Bisha province, Saudi Arabia.

Subjects and Methods: A prospective study was conducted among adult 465 diabetic patients attending at the Diabetic and Endocrine Center in Bisha, Saudi Arabia, between August 2016 and July 2017. Personal and demographic characteristics were recorded and then each patient underwent 30 min regular diabetic education program every two months along one-year period. Two blood samples were taken (immediately and after one year) from each patient during program to estimate the HbA1c level. A paired t-test was used to compare the level of HbA1c before and after health education program.

Results: 465 patients were enrolled in our health education program. The majority of them was Saudi (93%), married (86.9%) and educated with undergraduate level (94.5%). There was significant improvement in glycemic control after one year completion of 30 min diabetic education program (HbA1c 10.41 ± 1.89 to 8.22 ± 1.68 (P<0.012)).

Conclusion: This study demonstrates the effectiveness of regular diabetes health education on glycemic control. We recommend implementation of such education program on regular base as a part for type 2 diabetes control strategic program.

Author(s): Abdullah M. AL-Shahrani
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