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Impact of cone beam computed tomography on measurement of bone density in periapical lesions following endodontic treatment: A clinical study

Objective: Differences in bone density before and after regenerative endodontic treatment were examined in teeth with periapical lesions in Hounsfield Units (HUs) by using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT).

Materials and Methods: 8 patients requiring regenerative endodontic treatment for periapical lesions underwent CBCT scan before and after treatment. Their bone densities were calculated in HUs. The study included 10 teeth with periapical lesions measuring 4-8 mm in diameter. HU measurements were taken from an area of 3.5 mm2 on the CBCT images where the bone density was lowest, before and after treatment. The initial and final measurements were compared statistically by using paired samples statistics at the 5% significance level.

Results: There was a highly significant difference between the initial and final measurements (HU values) before and 1 year after endodontic treatment (P<0.0001).

Conclusion: We conclude that CBCT is a valuable tool for detecting the bone growth in periapical lesions.

Author(s): Adel S Alagl, Sumit Bedi, Khalid Hassan, Zainab AL-AQL
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