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Imaging diagnosis of gallbladder adenoma

Recent studies have shown that the gallbladder adenomas belong to precancerous lesions, with possible malignant transformation, and imaging examination is the first choice for the diagnosis. The study was involved in the diagnosis of gallbladder adenoma commonalities by ultrasound, CT and MRI in characterization of do retrospective analysis in order to improve the accuracy. 32 cases of hospitalized patients with the diagnosis of gallbladder adenoma were collected. The 32 patients were retrospectively analyzed by ultrasound, CT and MRI images to find its generality characteristic imaging. B ultrasonic echo showed that the diameter of the malignant papillary adenoma increased in 18 cases of cystic papillary adenoma; CT showed that adenoma internal density was uniform and CT values continue to rise; MRI in common displayed for contour shadow equally. The benign lesions were wide and the malignant lesions were narrow. Portal phase lesions around was continuous reinforced obviously and the central displayed slightly lower density area. In the 14 cases of gallbladder tubular papillary adenoma, ultrasound showed that medium echoes, and commonness CT in enhanced arterial phase, portal phase and delay lesions was progressively light-moderate strengthened. MRI was performed for single nodule “cauliflower” shaped surface and signal shadow, and high signal stove, borders, “cauliflower” shaped surface was tested on the malignant nodules. Imaging diagnostic methods can improve the detection rate of gallbladder adenoma and reduce missed diagnosis.

Author(s): Yuanxi Jian, Li Zhu, Lei Han, Yiyuan Xing, Facheng Lu, Siying Wu, Jiaping Wang
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