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Identification of SIRT4 interacting proteins in mouse brain

Sirtuins are enzymes that respond to cellular or organismal stress by activation or inhibition of the activities of proteins via deacetylating or ADP-ribosylating them after translation. Previously, it was shown that sirtuins affect the age-related pathways in the cell via interfering with the metabolism. SIRT4 was also shown to affect the glutamate metabolism both in pancreatic cells and also in brain. The aim of this study is to identify the interacting proteins of mitochondrial SIRT4 in mouse brain. We identified a number of proteins that interact with SIRT4 in mouse brain. We also showed that the ATP levels are lower in SIRT4 KO mouse brain compared to controls. Revealing SIRT4 interacting proteins will help to understand its function better in brain and lead the path for developing therapies for agerelated brain diseases.

Author(s): Gizem Yalcin, Abdullah Yalcin
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