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HPLC Determination of Glycyrrhizic and Glycyrrhetinic acids in Weiyanning granule.

To establish a method for determination of glycyrrhizic and glycyrrhetinic acids in Weiyanning Granule. The contents of glycyrrhizic and glycyrrhetinic acids are determined by HPLC under conditions as follows: Diamonsil C18 (4.6 mm × 250 mm, 5 μm) column, mobile phase of acetonitrile- 0.05 mol/L ammonium acetate solution (A: 0.05 mol/L ammonium acetate solution; B: acetonitrile, gradient elution: 0~30 min: 32% B; 30~60 min: 75% B); flow rate of 1.0 ml/min; and detection wavelength of 250 nm. The determined linear range of glycyrrhizic acid is 0.320~1.920 μg, and average recovery is 98.6%, with RSD = 1.98%; linear range of glycyrrhetinic acid is 0.039~0.234 μg, and average recovery is 97.3%, with RSD = 3.20%. The method established in this paper is simple, accurate and reproducible, which provides a new way for the quality control of Weiyanning Granule.

Author(s): Shiqiong Zhou, Xiangyou Zhang, Xufei Duan, Hong Mei
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