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HIV-1 induced differential expression of cell surface proteins in SupT1 cell lines

Objective: HIV-1 infection to cluster of differentiation 4 (CD4)+ T cells alters many cellular pathways in host genome by protein-protein interactions.

Methods: To better understand these events of infection and change in host protein expression, we opted an approach of differential protein expression profiling of CD4+ T cell; SupT1 cells. We studied the change in expression of surface proteome after HIV-1 induction in SupT1 cell line, after 4 d post infection. The level of protein expression was checked by isolating the surface proteins from SupT1 cell culture by biotinylating and immunoprecipitation followed by gradient SDS-PAGE (2%-20%).

Results: A protein of 120 kDa found to express in the infected cell line when compared with the control. Protein extracted was further subjected to 2D gel electrophoresis, three proteins were found to be differentially expressing in HIV-1 infected cells.

Conclusion: Further analysis of these newly expressed proteins, not only helps in understanding the altered expression of surface proteins in CD4+ T cells after HIV infection but also in identification of potential molecules to be used in targeted drug delivery.

Author(s): Parikipandla Sridevi, Balakrishna SL, Bharti Gupta
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