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Histomorphological analysis of peri-implant bone tissue of an implant in use for 10 years: A case report.

In this case report, it was described the histomorphology through optical microscopy of the implant- bone interface in an implant in function during 10 years, which had to be removed due to problems associated with the connection of the abutment. A 73-year-old male patient came asking for prosthesis mobility. Due the impossibility to replace the abutment it was decided to remove the implant with a 5 mm internal diameter trephine and analyze this sample histomorphologically. The histological analysis showed a mature trabecular tissue between the implant threads with a regular cell distribution and lamellar organization of calcified matrix, observing that bone tissue follows the shape of the implant’s surface with which it was in contact. Also, was observed low osteoclast activity, collagen type I, without signs of inflammation or resorption. In conclusion, implants have been shown in this case report, as well as by studies in humans to have long duration and outstanding biocompatibility that permits the formation of mature and regular peri-implant bone tissue in certain conditions.

Author(s): Ramón Fuentes, Iván Valdivia, Eduardo Borie, Víctor Beltran, Cristina Bucchi.
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