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Hand dermatitis among nurses at a University Hospital in Saudi Arabia

Background: Hand dermatitis is a frequently reported problem among health nurses and other health care professionals worldwide. There is paucity of data regarding this problem in our area.

Objectives: This study aimed to determine the prevalence of hand dermatitis among nursing staff in a University hospital, the factors associated with it and its impact.

Methods: Self-administered questionnaire was distributed to nurses in different departments of a University Hospital in Jeddah.

Results: Out of 181 nurses who completed the questionnaire, 14 (7.73%) nurses reported having symptoms of hand dermatitis. Nurses who reported hand dermatitis were more likely to have past history of eczema, allergic rhinitis and other allergies. Generally there were no considerable effect of hand dermatitis on daily activity, finance and psychological burden.

Conclusions: Hand dermatitis among nurses represents a problem. Despite the fact that the frequency of hand dermatitis was not as high as the frequencies reported in some previous studies, it is still considered an issue that needs addressing and solving. Incidence of hand dermatitis among nurses might need to be confirmed clinically and compared to the general population in our area in future studies.

Author(s): Amal A Kokandi
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