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HADOOP based image compression and amassed approach for lossless images

Background: This paper develops Hadoop based image compression approach, to solve the problem of low image quality, low compression ratio and high time that occurs during lossless image compression.

Method: Lossless image is considered in this paper because in case of lossy compression it leads to information loss which cannot retrieve anymore. By the employment of Hadoop based technique this paper proposes a novel image compression for lossless images. This method makes use of Weiner filter for the cancellation of noise and image blurring.

Result: Followed by this, hybrid concepts are employed to perform segmentation and feature extraction. Finally, compression is done with the help of Hadoop map reduce concept.

Discussion: Our proposed technique is implemented in MATLAB and therefore the experimental results proved the effectiveness of proposed image compression technique in terms of high compression ratio and low noise ratio when compared with existing techniques.

Author(s): Ruhiat Sultana, Nisar Ahmed, Syed Abdul Sattar
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