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Gossypol potentiates carboplatin effects against ovarian cancer

Aim: The present study investigates the anticancer activity of gossypol in combination with carboplatin in a mice model of ovarian cancer.

Methods: In vitro, cytotoxic activity of gossypol (0-900 mg/ml) was assessed in ovarian cancer cell lines (NIHOVCAR3 and OVCAR- 8) and an epithelial cancer cell line (SHIN-3). According Chou-Talalay’s methods, the combination of i.p administered gossypol (20 or 50 mg/kg/day) and carboplatin (15 mg/kg/ week) was studied in mice model of ovarian cancer.

Results: Results of the investigation showed that, it selectively inhibited NIHOVCAR3 and OVCAR- 8 cell lines (IC50 176-241 mg/ml). Moreover, it has been found that, at a concentration of 380 mg/ml, tumor cells were completely inhibited in dose and time-dependent manner. The cytotoxic activity of carboplatin was significantly increased when used in combination with gossypol. The results were further confirmed in the in vitro model, where gossypol showed inhibition of tumour cells by 75% and when used in combination with carboplatin, the inhibition was 98%.

Conclusion: The present study showed the chemo-potentiating and anticancer activities of gossypol for the treatment of ovarian cancer. However, additional studies are required to be further validated in patient settings.

Author(s): Jin Qu, Yun Wang
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