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Finite element approach towards impact analysis on biomechanical nature of cornea

The present work is a computational analysis of a blunt body impact on corneal viscoelastic behavior; simultaneously comparison is drawn between the tissue behaviors with corresponding cases considering the tissue to be elastic in other simulated model. Three dimensional models of corneal tissue were subjected to blunt body impact at different velocities in ALTAIR platform to study the nature of injury on the tissue material. The variation in the strain due to impact on the cornea for the material behaviors, range in the order 10-2 ± 0.002 and that for the stress, the magnitude gets almost double for elastic nature of cornea. Results shows that the viscoelastic fractional derivative biomechanics of the tissue predict higher resistance to any foreign body impacting on the surface of cornea preventing it from further indentation into the tissue. The viscoelastic model provided in this work can be incorporated for the synthesis of artificial corneas and soft contact lenses.

Author(s): Dibyendu Mandal, Himadri Chattopadhyay, Amit Karmakar, Kumaresh Halder
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