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Finite Element Analysis in Additive Manufactured Customised Bone Scaffold.

Bio Additive Manufacturing (BAM), an interdisciplinary field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Tissue Engineering (TE), aims to manufacture the customised bone scaffold for bone re-placement. One of the current challenges in bone tissue engineering is to create customised scaf-folds with suitable mechanical properties, high porosity, full interconnectivity and suitable pore size. In this paper, the patient’s CT scan data in DICOM format is exported into MIMICS soft-ware to convert the 2D images into 3D IGES data. The customised bone scaffolds with pore size of 0.8mm and inter pore distance ranging from 0.6 mm to 1 mm are developed in modeling soft-ware and porosities of customised bone scaffolds are determined. The customised bone porous scaffold and ASTM standard compressive specimens were fabricated through AM technique. Fi-nite element analysis (FEA) was carried out to study the mechanical properties.

Author(s): Rashia Begum S, Arumaikkannu G
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