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Fiberoptic bronchoscopy in turban pin aspiration

Purpose: To explore respiratory allergen profile and the relation between the month of birth and allergen type in Duzce Province in Turkey.

Method: The study was performed retrospectively. Between October 2011 and January 2017, 302 cases underwent in fiberoptic bronchoscopy were examined retrospectively. Among these, the characteristics of 7 female patients who applied to our clinic with turban pin aspiration were examined.

Results: The ages of our patients ranged from 19 to 34 y. Except one patient, the other patients applied within the first 12 h on the day of aspiration. The aspirated pin was localized in the bronchial system in the right lung in 6 patients and in the bronchial system in the left lung in 1 patient. In all of these patients the pin could be removed with a fiberoptic bronchoscope.

Conclusion: In patients who applied with turban pin aspiration, the fiberoptic bronchoscopy with a local anesthesia is a very successful method.

Author(s): Suat Konuk
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