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Fatal gastrointestinal bleeding and perforated duodenal ulcer: a rare complication of deferasirox in a patient with liver cirrhosis

We report here a case of deferoxamine (DFX) related gastrointestinal bleeding and duodenal perforation in a cirrhotic patient after the use of deferasirox for secondary hemochromatosis. Duodenal ulcer bleeding and perforation is noted as a rare adverse event in the scientific product information of deferasirox, in our current knowledge, this is the first case-report on this adverse drug reaction at adult patients. Clinicians must be aware that deferasirox use in a cirrhotic patient may have a potential risk of complicated gastrointestinal ulceration. It is recommended that patients undergoing treatment with deferasirox especially with liver cirrhosis are monitored regularly for adverse events.

Author(s): Kadri Atay, Tugce Eskazan, Ayse Salihoglu, Ibrahim Hatemi
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