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Falling from a height injuries in Agriculture: a 8-year experience with 173 samples.

Agriculture is one of the most hazardous sectors in all over the world. Although insufficient data report system, the rate of accidents in agriculture is higher than most of other industries. The most common accidents are those involving vehicles, agricultural equipment/machinery and falls from a height. During the period 2007-2014, 673 “falling from a height” accidents in Bilecik were investigated. More than a quarter of these falls are agriculture-related. Tree quarters of agriculture-related falls from height accidents happen between June and October. About one fifth of falling occurs in June. During the period 72 (41.6%) of agriculture-related falling are from a tree during the fruit-picking, 68 (39.3%) from a tractor or tractor trailer, 16 (9.2%) while trimming a tree and 17 (9.8%) from other causes (falling from agricultural vehicles or ladders, falling from a height during spraying, etc.). There are 8(4.6%) deaths and 46 (26.6%) severe injuries attributable to the agriculture-related falls from height accidents. Males are more likely to die from a fall. Accidental deaths and severe injuries are most frequent in September 12 (22.2%). Most of the incidents are preventable. Potential risk control measures include improving the availability and using of safety equipment, increasing situational awareness and risk perception, and developing safety culture among farmers and their families. This study allows, for the first time, description and analysis of the falls from height accidents in a city sample of Turkish agriculture sector. It is expected that results of this study may contribute to raise awareness about falling from height injuries.

Author(s): E Selcen Dar├žin, Murat Dar├žin
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