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Fall risks factors among home-based health care patients in the Aseer province: Observational study

Purpose: To describe the prevalence of fall risks factors using the Missouri Alliance for Home Care’s fall risk assessment tool (MAHC-10) on home-based health care (HHC) patients in the Aseer region, southern Saudi Arabia. Also, to highlight the process of care, and physical therapy utilization among home health care beneficiaries.

Method: 242 patients’ information were retrieved and reviewed. Patients in our study received various healthcare services including physical therapy, nursing and physicians’ visits between October and December 2017. We used the MAHC-10, which was designed for assessing multifactorial fall risks among home-based health care patients.

Results: 43% of patients were male, and 57% were female. Males received care within an average of 8 d of a referral date, whereas female patients received care within an average of 15 d. Majority of patients are functionally dependent (78%) of patients. Nursing visits were the highest number of professionals that provided HHC visits for both patients’ risk groups. The impairment of functional mobility had the highest fall risk factor among patients receiving HHC services, and fall history factor was the lowest prevalent fall risk factor among patients.

Conclusion: Health care utilization is very important, and it should start early enough to decrease the risk of fall especially physical therapy visits. The level of functional mobility was also a most prevalent factor across all home health care patients in our study, and it is an essential element for predicting the likelihood of a fall in the older adult Aseer population.

Author(s): Faisal Y. Asiri, Adel Alshahrani, Mohamed Faia Aseeri, Mohammed Mehtab Alam, Sabri M. Ataalla, Mohammad A. AlMohiza4, Irshad A. Abdulhamed
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