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Factors that cause influence on the knowledge of oral health of university students

Oral health can be defined that “Individuals have satisfactory functional teeth that can eat, talk and do social activities without pain, disorder and discomfort during whole life and this contributes to general individual’s life welfare. As health problems have become an essential element of life, the importance of oral health care has been increasingly emphasized throughout life, from childhood to old age. To evaluate this purpose, we used this oral health status scale, which was recently developed. We examined the distribution of gender, income, oral health education, the time of tooth brushing, the frequency of tooth brushing, the experience of dental treatment, the period of using tooth brushing, grade and so on to understand the general characteristics of the subjects who are university students. Form this study we can see that we should consider individual dental treatment experience, gender, frequency of tooth brushing and oral health education to improve university students’ oral health knowledge. Therefore, university student’s oral health knowledge is important and oral health education for university students should be provided to contribute to positive change of cognition about oral health care of the subjects. The limit of this study is representing population is difficult because we target only students of some university and there is individual error about answer the survey so we expect a more detailed, developed follow-up study.

Author(s): Hye-Young Kim, Dong-il Chun, Yi-Sub Kwak
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