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Factors affecting the severity of procedural pain in new-borns

In recent years, the objectification and control of neonatal pain has caused many discussions. Given its early and late effects, researchers' efforts are aimed at minimizing the impact of maternal and childrelated factors, with a possible effect on pain sensitivity in new-borns. Our aim is to study the influence of maternal factors (daily intake of one or more cups of coffee and bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy, birth mechanism, blood group and Rhesus factor) and child-related factors (gestational age, gender, blood group and Rhesus factor) on the severity of procedural pain, caused by puncture of the heel. The present study includes 67 infants carried to term and aged 72-84 h, born by varying birth mechanisms and with an optimal Apgar score. By video surveillance before, during and after the procedure, the pain was assessed using the Neonatal Infant Pain Scale (NIPS). The results were measured 30 s and 5 min after the heel puncture. The following statistical methods were used: Kruskal-Wallis test, X2 assay (Chisquared test), Student’s t-test and Mann-Whitney's u-test, with a factor of significance of p<0.05. At the 30-s mark, there was no statistically significant difference in the severity of pain among the new-borns in the groups: pregnant women, which have consumed coffee and had bacterial vaginosis during the pregnancy. The mechanism of birth, gender and Rhesus factor of the new-born and mother did not change the severity of pain. New-borns with a larger gestational age and those from mothers with the blood group AB showed a significantly increased response to procedural pain. At the 5-min mark, none of the studied factors associated with the mother and new-born had a significant effect on the degree of pain. The influence of maternal and child related factors on the severity of procedural pain in new-borns is limited.

Author(s): Penka Petleshkova, Maya Krasteva, Snezana Dragusheva, Desislava Bakova, Biyanka Tornyova, Anna Mihaylova, Nikoleta Parahuleva
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