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Fabrication and in vitro degradation behaviour of TCP/CS composite bioceramics

Ca3 (PO4)2 (TCP) bio-ceramic materials are known as the ideal bone repair materials because they possess good biocompatibility and biodegradability. In this study, β-TCP bio-ceramic materials were prepared by wet process through controlled process conditions. CaSiO3 and β-TCP bioceramics were ground and mixed to prepare the TCP/CaSiO3 (TCP/CS) bioceramic embryonic bodies. TCP/CS porous composites were obtained by sintering at 800°C. TCP/CS bioceramics possessed the best strength after sintering for 2 h; the sample strength was about 122 MPa, which is approximately consistent with the strength of human bone. The degradation behaviour of porous TCP/CS bioceramics were investigated by static soaking and dynamic dissolution experiments in physiological saline to control the degradation rate of TCP/CS. The degradability of TCP/CS samples reached 10% within 12 days in vitro, suggesting an excellent in vitro bioactivity and biodegradability of TCP/CS composite bioceramics. The TCP/CS composite bioceramics might become potential biomaterials as good mechanical strength, bioactive and biodegradable for bone tissue repair applications.

Author(s): Bin Xu, Hanyuan Zhang, Weijun Fang
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