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Extracts of Potentilla discolor bunge protect islet β-cells against streptozotocin induced injury

Aim: To investigate whether Potentilla discolor Bunge (PDB) extracts could protect islet β cells and promote cell proliferation and insulin secretion.

Methods: β-cell injury model was induced by Streptozotocin. Cell viability, insulin secretion and gene expression were measured to investigate the protective effects of PDB extract on RIN-m5f β cells damaged by streptozotocin.

Results: PDB extracts inhibited cell damage, improved cell viability, promoted insulin secretion, and increased protein level of p-Fox O1 in RIN-m5f β cells in a dose-dependent manner.

Conclusions: PDB extracts exhibit protective role in streptozotocin induced β cell injury model. The mechanism may be related to increased phosphorylation of Fox O1, which increases the number and improves the function of β cells.

Author(s): Xing Xu, Yudong Zheng, Lian Liu, Wei Huang, Jiangrong Huang
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