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Extraction process of ginger Pinellia and its anti-proliferative and proapoptotic activities on human gastric cancer SGC7901 cells.

To screen and identify the optimal extraction process of ginger Pinellia, and to observe the effects of ethanol extracts of ginger Pinellia on proliferation and apoptosis of human gastric cancer SGC7901 cells. Extraction process of ginger Pinellia was optimized through orthogonal experiment employing integrated weighted scoring with licorice concentrating volume, lime water addition and extraction temperature as investigation indices. After treating with different concentrations of ginger Pinellia ethanol extracts, morphological changes of SGC7901 cells were observed under inverted phase contrast microscope. Cell proliferation was determined by MTT assay, and the proapoptotic activity of ginger Pinellia ethanol extracts on SGC7901 cells was detected by flow cytometry. The degrees of influence of factors on extraction efficiency of ginger Pinellia were lime water addition>licorice concentrating volume>extraction temperature in descending order. Optimal extraction process of ginger Pinellia was licorice concentrating volume of 300 ml, lime water addition of 80, and extraction temperature of 50°C. MTT assay demonstrated that different doses of ginger Pinellia ethanol extracts (1 g/L, 2 g/L, 3 g/L) could all inhibit the proliferation of SGC7901 cells after acting for 24 ~ 72 h. Flow cytometry revealed that with the increasing concentration of ginger Pinellia ethanol extract, the proportion of S phase SGC-7901 cells increased from 18.46% in the control group to 36.35%, whereas the proportion of G2/M phase cells decreased significantly from 29.27% in the control group to 11.93%. At high magnification, after culturing with medium containing ginger Pinellia ethanol extract (concentration of 3 g/L) for 24 h, the SGC-7901 cells in the ginger Pinellia ethanol extract groups were rounded, with unclear boundary. Secretory granules increased, cellular refraction decreased, and cellular glycogen lowered. Organelle swelling and liquefaction degeneration of cytoplasm were present. Mitochondria decreased, with only residual organelle fragments visible. The optimized extraction process is simple, convenient, reproducible and operable, which facilitates the quality control of ginger Pinellia. Ginger Pinellia ethanol extract can inhibit the proliferation of human gastric cancer SGC7901

Author(s): You-Gang Cui, Fan Xue, Feng Lin, Xiang-Yu Kong,Wen-Zhi Liu
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