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Expressions of PS-2, CA153 and VEGF and clinical significance in patients with breast cancer

Objective: To observe the expression of Presenilin 2 (PS-2), CA153, and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) of the patients with breast cancer and discuss the clinical implication.

Methods: The expression of PS-2 and VEGF were measured by immunohistochemistry; and the serum level of CA153 was measured by enzyme linked immune sorbent assay. Meanwhile, the associations between PS-2, CA153, VEGF and clinical pathologic features were evaluated.

Results: The positive expression rates of PS-2, CA153 and VEGF were 45.19%, 86.54%, 76.92% respectively. As a result of 0-4 level classification, the expressions of PS-2 and VEGF in the breast cancer tissues were statistically different with these in the normal tissue, p<0.05. There was positive correlation between the expressions of CA153 and VEGF in the breast cancer patients, which were higher than the expressions in the normal group, p<0.05. Besides, the expressions of CA153 and VEGF in the breast cancer patients with axillary lymph node metastasis were higher than the patients without metastasis, p=0.0027<0.05.

Conclusion: There are significant evidences that PS-2, CA153 and VEGF would be the independent risk factors, so as to be contributed to the predictions of the malignancy degree and metastasis of breast cancer.

Author(s): Li Zhixiang, Qian Jun, Li Jing, Zhu Chao
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