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Expression on MDR 1 gene in cord blood nuclear cells

Chemotherapy is at present one of the most commonly used methods to treat malignant tumors, but along with the killing of the tumor, normal tissue cells and bone marrow cells are also damaged, which would ruin the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Currently focuses on chemotherapy research are overwhelming the side effects and ensure the smooth conduct and efficacy of chemotherapy. In this paper human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells were used as target cells. MDR 1 was inserted into the adenovirus vector. Recombinant adenovirus plasmid pHVa MDR 1 was constructed. And exogenous MDR 1 could be effectively transferred into the umbilical cord blood nuclear cells by the method of concentrated virus supernatant. The result shows that umbilical cord blood nuclear cells which can express P-gp. P-gp expressed is used to transfer exogenous MDR 1 gene into umbilical cord blood cells by concentrated virus supernatant transfection method.

Author(s): Zhao Fuguang, Zhang Wenhui, Li Xiaoling, Hu Wei
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