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Expression of Reg IV in inflammatory bowel disease and the predictive effect on lesion activity

Purpose: This article aims to observe the expression of the Regenerating gene (Reg) IV in intestinal tissues of patients of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and explores the correlation between Reg IV expression level and the activity of IBD.

Method: 65 cases of IBD patients confirmed during January 2013-October 2013 as well as 30 cases of healthy people tested by colonoscopy inspection during corresponding period are taken for comparisons, including 30 cases of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and 35 cases of Crohn’s Disease (CD). The immunohistochemistry method is adopted to detect the protein expression level of Reg IV. The RT-PCR method is adopted to inspect the mRNA expression level of Reg IV. In addition, the correlation with IBD is further analysed.

\Results: According to the quantitative results of immunohistochemistry staining, Reg IV has weak protein expression in health people, and Reg IV protein level of UC during active stage is significantly higher than that of remission stage (P<0.01); there is no significant difference on Reg IV protein expression level of CD during active stage and remission stage (P>0.05). The RT-PCR result is consistent with that of the immunohistochemistry.

Conclusion: Reg IV has a significantly higher expression in IBD, illustrating that Reg IV may be involved in the occurrence and development of IBD.

Author(s): Junwei Zhang, Jing Bai, Limin Zhang, Aibin Cheng
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