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Expression of mesenchymal stem cell markers of human adipose tissue surrounding the vas deferens

Adipose tissue is a source for regenerative medicine applications contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). One of the unique features of MSCs is their trans-differentiation property. Identification of MSCs is accepted by their CD105, CD90 and CD73 markers expression. In lipo aspirate from buttocks and abdominal adipose tissue, these markers were previously shown. In adipose tissue surrounding the vas deferens, we investigated CD105, CD73 and CD90 markers expression. Adipose tissue surrounding the vas deferens was obtained from eight patients who attended to Urology department. Paraffin sections were prepared from adipose tissue after routine histological process. Haematoxylineosin, Toluidine blue and CD105, CD73, CD90 immuno-stainings were performed to the paraffin sections. The strongest expression belonged to CD105, followed by CD90 and finally CD73 which was weakly expressed. Stromal cells derived from the adipose tissue surrounding the vas deferens with similar properties like liposuctioned adipose tissue based on the expression of mesenchymal stem cells markers were reviewed.

Author(s): Habip Akbulut, Gökhan Cüce, Tahsin Murad Aktan, Selçuk Duman
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