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Experimental study on the effect of aerobic exercise on body fat reduction in patients with type 2 diabetes

Objective: To study the clinical effects of aerobic exercise on patients with type 2 diabetes.

Methods: 74 cases of patients with type 2 diabetes were selected and divided into two groups based on different intervention methods.

Results: Before the intervention, the differences of body fat, blood fat and blood glucose changes between both groups were not statistically significant, with P>0.05.After the intervention, the body fat of the experimental group was significantly reduced. The change difference was significantly better than that of the control group. At the same time, the changes of blood fat and blood glucose of the experimental group were significantly better than the control group, with P>0.05.

Conclusion: Aerobic exercise intervention can improve the blood fat and blood glucose indicators of patients with type 2 diabetes and reduce their body fat and weight, which worth clinical promotion with significant research value.

Author(s): Xiu-Chang Zhang, Chul-Hyun Kim
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