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Experimental study of aerobic exercise on the weight loss effect of obese female college students

Objective: To observe the effect of aerobic exercise on the weight loss effect of obese female students.

Methods: 100 cases of female college students with weight over 58 kg were selected and evenly divided into two groups. The experimental group took aerobic exercise while the control group was given oral calcium pyruvate to lose weight. The physiological and biochemical indicators of both groups before and after experiment were observed.

Results: After the experiment, the weight, body fat content, WHR, BMI, and blood lipid level of both groups reduced significantly. The differences were statistically significant, with P<0.05. The effect of the experimental group was significantly better than the control group. The weight loss and physical and mental health condition of the experimental group were better than the control group. The difference was significant, with P<0.05.

Conclusion: Aerobic exercise shows good effect on the weight loss of female college students, with promoting their physical and mental health. The significant effect of aerobic exercise makes it worth clinical promotion.

Author(s): Guo Siqiang
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