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Evaluation of tooth staining with red wine after tooth bleaching with nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma

We conducted to investigate the tooth color change caused by 15% carbamide peroxide (CP) used as a self-bleaching agent containing 5.4% low-concentration H2O2 with nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma, and the effect of such tooth bleaching method on staining sensitivity to red wine. Ten extracted intact human teeth without signs of fracture, dental caries, or structural anomalies were used in this experiment. One half of each tooth was randomly assigned to either the control or the experimental group. Group 1 (control group) was treated with a uniform 1mm layer of 15% CP gel application which contained 5.4% H2O2 (every 10 min, Kool White 15%, Pac-Dent International, Walnut, CA, USA) alone. Group 2 (experimental group) received a 15% CP and plasma for 30 min. The tip of the static plasma device was positioned at a 1 cm distance from the tooth surface. And then, the teeth were immersed in red wine (Palacio De Anglona Tinto Semidulce-red wine subgroup) for seven days. The buccal surface of each tooth was based on the Commission Internationale de L’Eclairage (CIE) Lab Color System which is widely used for tooth color evaluation. The control and experimental groups showed significant differences in brightness after 30 min. After 7 day immersion in red wine, the mean ΔE values for the plasma and 15% CP combinational treatment were approximately 1.56-fold smaller than those for the treatment without plasma (P<0.05). The combinational treatment with nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma and 15% carbamide peroxide (CP) has an excellent tooth bleaching effect and can maintain the bleached tooth’s color stability due to its low staining sensitivity to pigmentation after bleaching.

Author(s): Gyoo Cheon Kim, Man Seok Han, Seoul Hee Nam
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