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Evaluation of thyroid dysfunction in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Thyroid dysfunction is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease depending upon severity of disease. The aim of this study was to evaluate thyroid function impairment among stable and acute exacerbation COPD patients with age matched healthy controls and correlation of thyroid function tests with pulmonary function test and arterial blood gas analysis. 60 {30 stable (group1) and 30 exacerbation (group2)} COPD patients and 30 age matched healthy controls (group3) were studied. There was a significant difference with respect to BMI, mean serum FT3 in between group 1&2; group 2&3 and group 1&3. Mean serum TSH was within normal limits but had lower values than controls. FT4 was within normal limits. It had no significant difference between all groups. Mean serum FT3 was negatively correlated with bicarbonate levels whereas FT4 was negatively correlated to Hb levels .No correlation was found in between Pulmonary Function Test and ABG analysis with thyroid function impairment. In conclusion among all groups of COPD patients, impaired thyroid function is associated with respiratory workload, as thyroid hormones regulate the metabolic rate and in exacerbation phase due to critical illness thyroid dysfunction reflects non-thyroidal illness syndrome.

Author(s): Gupta Madhuri, Vardey SK, Joshi Nalin, Dixit R
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