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Evaluation of death cases in the 0-1 age group in Sivas, Turkey

Introduction: In cases of infant deaths that have the legal nature, there are problems in determining the causes of death. Post-mortem assessments in this age group require the more different approaches than adults for both autopsy techniques and examinations.

Aim: By examining the infant death cases, it was aimed to draw attention to the points to be considered in the autopsy cases and the causes of death which can be reduced.

Method: The forensic autopsies of 44 cases at the age of 0-1 y been undergone between 2008-2015 y in Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty Hospital morgue were included in our study. Age, gender, medical records, crime scene characteristics, autopsy and laboratory findings of these cases were discussed in the light of the literature.

Result: Sixteen of the 44 cases were male and 26 were female. Sex discrimination of two cases could not be done due to severe putrefaction. When evaluated according to age groups, the largest group (27.3%) was composed of cases between 2-6 months of age. When the causes of death determined in the reports were examined, natural causes of deaths detected at the majority of cases (45.5%).

Conclusion: Consequently, assessment of infant deaths requires an elaborate autopsy, careful crime scene investigation and detailed medical information of the infant and his/her family.

Author(s): Celal Butun, Fatma Yucel Beyaztas, Ali Yildirim, Erdal Ozer, Muhammet Can, Ayla Uzun, Riza Yilmaz, Halis Dokgoz
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