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Estimation of serum calcium in sub clinical hypothyroid females of different age groups in Kanchipuram population

Background: Thyroid hormones play an important role in the homeostasis of calcium and phosphorous levels. A person with thyroid dysfunction may exhibit symptoms that are owing to the alteration in calcium levels.

Aim: To find out the calcium alteration in hypothyroidism with different age groups in Kanchipuram district.

Methodology: In this study 40 patients with the age group of 20-60 y were taken. The parameters like TSH and Ca2+ were estimated with commercially available kits.

Results: In our study out of 40 patients 18 patients with hypothyroidism had hypocalcemia, which constitute 45% (n=18) of the study had less serum calcium. Remaining 55% patients having normal calcium levels, In future it may develop hypocalcaemia.

Discussion and Conclusion: Total calcium levels in serum were found to be significantly lower in hypothyroid patients in all age groups. This study concluded that, in Kanchipuram district patients have low levels of serum calcium in hypothyroidism. S.Ca++ in hypothyroid people demonstrates a constructive connection between the S.Ca++ and serum TSH. These fluctuations of serum calcium ought to be considered in treating the patients with hypothyroidism by therapeutic experts.

Author(s): Lalithamma A, Vadivel S, Johnson W, Jacob V, Chitra T
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