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Epidemiological study of patients infected with scabies caused by Sarcoptes scabiei in Al-Najaf Governorate, Iraq

The aim of the current study was to epidemiological detection of patients infected with scabies caused by Sarcoptes scabiei during the period from March 2017 to February 2018 in Iraq, Al-Najaf Governorate. A total of 1112 patients were infected with scabies, 602 (54.1%) were men and 501 (45.9%) were female and 419 patients (37.7%) were lived in urban areas and 693 patients (62.3%) were lived in rural areas. Age group 31-40 y old was the most prevalent group (379 patients, 34%) infected with scabies. February 2018 was the highest month in infection (187 patients, 16.8%) and May 2017 was the lowest month in infection (25 patients, 2.2%). In conclusions: In Iraq, there are high numbers of individuals infected with scabies without any health care especially in rural areas. Scabies is more prevalent in cold and warmth seasons in males as well as females among age group 30-40 y old. Therefore, scabies is still an important health problem in Iraq as a neglected disease.

Author(s): Ali A. Mohy, Saleem Khteer Al-Hadraawy, Ahmed Abduljabbar Jaloob Aljanaby
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