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Biomedical Research

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Environmental management methods to control the vector of communicable diseases with emphasis on drainage: A review article.

Health contaminants endanger human health by transmitting diseases. Due to the importance of combating pests and the risk of environmental pollution because of exertion of pesticide chemistry, the use of healthy control methods become important. Therefore, the use of environmental pest control procedures is essential. The purpose of this review study is to identify environmental pest management methods. The study was conducted through a review method. By using keywords in databases, the Internet and related sites and valid journals, articles and research were searched and ultimately qualified sources were selected and introduced, criticized and applied. Health pest habitats are different, so similar actions should be taken on any group that has a common habitat. Conducting environmental measures should slow down the transmission of disease. Environmental methods have been used for a long time for its simple and unpolluted use and lasting effects. Recognizing the biological cycle of each health pest with regard to the type of climate and habitat is a prerequisite for the effective use of environmental control methods for pest control. By using environmental pest management methods, instead of chemical methods, the environment can be kept clean and healthy to provide health and hygiene of the human community, which is one of the main goals of health organizations and authorities.

Author(s): Dehghani R, Kassiri H, Rabbani D, Mazaheri Tehrani , Gharagazloo F
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