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Environmental cues to urgency and incontinence episodes in Chinese patients with overactive urinary bladder syndrome.

The present study was designed to investigate the possible environmental cues associated with urinary urgency and urinary incontinence in Chinese patients with diagnosed overactive bladder syndrome (OAB). A semistructured questionnaire was conducted with a convenience sample of 76 patients with OAB. Patients were interviewed about environmental cues associated with urgency and incontinence. The frequency of OAB episodes to each of the cues was quantified. Interviews lasted for seven to twenty-six minutes. Our results showed that 100% (n=76) respondents reported at least one cue associated with urgency and 92.1% (n=70) reported at least one cue associated with incontinence. “On the way to the washroom” frequency of the respondents was reported to be, 89.5% for urgency and 81.6% for incontinence. Our study, therefore suggested that one or more environmental cues might influence episodes of urinary urgency and incontinence in patients with OAB. A combination of behavioral treatments targeting environmental cues and Pavlovian extinction treatments may be effective in treating OAB.

Author(s): Hongxia Su, Sen Yang, Yijun Wang, Min Chen, Aishu Dong, Yuru Huang, Cong Zhu
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