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Elevated serum CXCL13 level in patients with bronchial asthma relates to clinical presentations

Background: Asthma is an allergic airway inflammatory disease in which B cell activation plays a pivotal role. CXCL13 is a family member of CXC chemokines involved in B cell differentiation and activation. The purpose of this research is to explore the correlation between serum CXCL13 levels and the severity of the disease.

Methods: A total of 31 patients with acute bronchial asthma, 29 patients with chronic persistent asthma, and 21 non-inflammatory disease healthy controls were enrolled. Quantification of serum CXCL13, IgE, peripheral blood Eosinophil (Eos) count, and pulmonary function were performed.

Results: Both the acute bronchial asthma and the chronic persistent groups displayed higher levels of CXCL13, and serum CXCL13 levels in acute asthma patients were higher than those suffering chronic persistent disease. Serum CXCL13 levels in acute bronchial asthma patients were positively correlated with IgE levels and the frequency of Eos, and negatively correlated with FVC%, FEV1% and FEV1/ FVC.

Conclusions: CXCL13 may be an important biomarker of acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma, which concentration might reflect the severity of the disease.

Author(s): Conghui Wang, Rongyu Liu
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