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Eighty cases of conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy with combined use of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine

Objective: To observe the clinical effect of conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy with the combination of methotrexate+mifepristone+traditional Chinese medicine.

Methods: Eighty patients diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy with conservative treatment indication and/or requirements were treated with methotrexate+mifepristone+traditional Chinese medicine.

Results: sixty-four patients’ serum β-HCG values dropped to the normal level. Among them fifty-eight patients’ serum β-HCG values dropped to normal level with the mass completely disappearing. Ten patients had laparoscopic surgery intervention in the process of conservative treatment. Three patients were intra-operatively diagnosed with ruptured ectopic pregnancy, and six were intra-operatively diagnosed with tubal pregnancies, including one accompanied by pelvic adhesions. One patient was intra-operatively diagnosed with cornual pregnancy with abdominal bleeding.

Conclusion: The conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy using the combination of methotrexate +mifepristone+traditional Chinese medicine. This method is reliable, simple, convenient, with low cost and fewer side effects, and easy to be accepted by the majority of patients, thus being worth promoting in clinical treatment.

Author(s): Jing Fengde
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