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Efficiently multicasting medical images in mobile Adhoc network for patient diagnosing diseases

The development of medical field is faster than comparing with an ancient technology medical development. In the olden days the doctors was needed to present in the scenario of patient undergoing treatment, whereas now, which is evolved more that the present of doctor can be a remote and also able to give treatment. This can be achieved by with the help of any network connectivity through which the medical images can send to the doctors for review and get suggested medicine or steps to carry out the treatment for the patient. This research article is designed to give the treatment to the patient where the doctors are under the network of Mobile Adhoc network. Number of doctors form a group to communicate each other via transmitting of medical images about the patient to get immediate treatment. The medical images are forwarded through a Mobile Adhoc Network via multicasting to the group of doctors are involved the patient treatment. The Doctors can review the medical images and give suggestion to their subordinate for giving treatment to the patient. Even though the Mobile Adhoc network has pitfalls like the frequent change in topology, battery power, etc. This article also concentrates on avoiding the topological changes and reducing the battery power by introducing the self-adjustment property and eliminating the transmission of duplication packets. This scenario was designed in Network simulator for sending different medical images of patient like cancer patient images, Heart attack images, incentive care unit patient images, etc. and found that the multicating of medical images in Mobile Adhoc network is proven efficient technique for developing medical treatment.

Author(s): Deepa R, Sutha J
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