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Efficient oppositional based optimal Harr wavelet for compound image compression using MHE

Image compression is to reduce the size in bytes of a graphics file without corrupting the nature of the image to an unsatisfactory level. The compound image compression ordinarily in view of three classification strategies that is object-based, layer based along with block based. The corruption of compound image or report compression depends on the capacity and transmission of the files. This proposed model has two methods utilized for compression procedure that is optimal harr wavelets and Merging Huffman Encoding (MHE) process. Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)-Harr wavelet coefficient optimization analysis encouraged Oppositional based Grey Wolf Optimization (OGWO). Then the compression strategy module based encryption is done. From the outcomes accomplished the highest Compression Ratio (CR) for a compound image that is 97.56% compared with existing systems and furthermore assessed Peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR), Mean square Error (MSE), and Compression Size (CS) of all testing images.

Author(s): Priya Vasanth Sundara Rajan, Lenin Fred A
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