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Efficiency of the diode laser in preventing orthodontic induced pain in Sulaimani city: In vivo, comparative study

Objective: This clinical study was conducted to assess the efficiency of diode lasers (940 nm) in preventing orthodontic induced pain. Orthodontic induced pain acts as a barrier for orthodontic therapy, Painless procedures ensure patient satisfaction toward orthodontics which subsequently, improves the quality of oral health. Materials and methods: One hundred twenty orthodontic patients were included and randomly allocated into 4 equal groups (Study, Laser-Placebo, Analgesic, and control groups). A laser beam was applied in contact mode for 1 min duration on the study group. Pain experience was evaluated using a standardized self-administered questionnaire following the Universal Pain Assessment Tool guidelines. Data were analyzed using the statistical package for the social sciences (V. 22). Results: The highest level of pain was experienced at the second day after arch-wire insertion. At the third day a radical decline in pain sensation was observed in the study group, with maximum pain relief at the fourth day, the difference being considered statistically significant at P value ≤ 0.05. Conclusion: The application of Laser therapy was found to be more effective in subsiding orthodontic induced pain than analgesics, taking into consideration the pharmaceutical side effects of analgesics.

Author(s): Ara O Fattah, Aras M Rauf, Balsam M Mardan
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