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Biomedical Research

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Efficacy of intelligent medical monitor terminal software based on modular design

Modern medical technology combines medical technology with information technology. Improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of on-site medical rescue is an important strategy for the development of intelligent medical service. In order to achieve intelligent medical care monitoring, the first vital step is to ensure that the patient's physiological condition is mastered accurately according to the monitor terminal. This ensures that correct guidance is made towards improving the success rate of medical aid. Therefore, intelligent medical monitoring terminal software system was designed in this study. The functions of the system were in line with the modular design expectation. Module design was carried out from scene environment, patient physiological data and communication. Implementation of intelligent medical monitoring terminal software system can provide technical support for improving the level of medical services. It was confirmed by testing the function of the software that it could collect the patient's physiological data accurately. The scene of the environment was controlled through audio and video. Moreover, complete data upload and storage were accomplished quickly, which is of good practical value.

Author(s): Tian Wenya
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