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Effects of tyrosine supplementation ration on anaerobic sports capacity and plasma catecholamine levels in soccer athletes

Objective: Through laboratory test of anaerobic capacity and related biochemical indexes, the effect of exogenous tyrosine supplementation on human plasma catecholamines and anaerobic sports capacity during 2 w of training was observed.

Methods: 14 students from major of sports training (specialized project soccer) in Beijing Sport University were chosen as subjects and were randomly divided into 2 groups, after taking 2 w of tyrosine and placebo, anaerobic capacity and biochemical testing were conducted, then cleaning for 3 w, and the 2 groups were exchanged what they took and the test was repeated after two weeks.

Results: All peak power (tTyr=-1.82, P=0.0931; tPla=0.37, P=0.7173), power drop (tTyr=-1.87, P=0.0859; tPla=-1.18, P=0.2596), mean power (tTyr=-0.15, P=0.8840; tPla=0.91, P=0.3794) of the anaerobic sports capacity before and after experiment in Tyrosine group (Tyr) and Placebo group (Pla) were not changed; adrenaline (tTyr=5.46, P=0.0001) concentration after 2 w’ intervention in tyrosine group decreased significantly compared with the concentration before taking tyrosine.

Conclusion: The intervention of tyrosine did not affect the anaerobic exercise ability of football players for 2 w, but the concentration of plasma epinephrine decreased significantly.

Author(s): Jin Li, Fang Xie
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